Feature on Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

Diana Olsen, the president of Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, shares the inspiration for founding this coffee shop on Cable 14. Watch this video to discover the unique history of the company and get inspired by her natural success.


Advice on Putting Yourself ‘Out there’ from Dolled Up Desserts

Katarina Poletto, the founder of Dolled Up Desserts, shares her experience with achieving success by putting herself “out there.” Watch this video to get inspired to get out of your comfort zone and also learn how to bake her signature brownies.

Mentorship from the Ontario Summer Company Program

Dragica Lebo, a business development officer, shares how the Ontario Summer Company Program can help startups in Hamilton to successfully build their company. Watch this video to discover how you can receive three thousand dollars and professional mentorship.

Pros and Cons of Running a Business that Stems from Your Passion

Jordan Jancic, the founder of Stage Seven Photography & Video, discusses the pros and cons of running a business that stems from your passion. Watch this video to discover how to not lose pleasure in that passion because it is your work now.

Bravery to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Joshua Laombardo-Bottema, the CEO of GoWrench Auto, discusses the process of launching his company and the challenges he faced. Watch this video to get inspired by his bravery and step out of your comfort zone.

Characteristics and Habits of Successful Youth Entrepreneurs

John Savidis, the founder of Lean and Fit Elite, discusses his business journey of growing a successful fitness club in Hamilton. Watch this video to learn about the characteristics and habits of successful entrepreneurs that Savidis recommends.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Nick Ciaglia, the founder of Big Shot, shares the importance of setting goals as an entrepreneur. Watch this video to learn which goal setting process entrepreneurs should go through and how to avoid setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

Three Benefits of Niche Marketing

Justin Evangelista, the founder of FireMood, discusses the benefits and the importance of discovering your niche market. Watch this video to learn what factors entrepreneurs should keep in mind when marketing their business to their niche and what mistakes entrepreneurs usually make when niche marketing.

How to Win at Social Media

Suzanne Zandbergen, the owner of The Generator, shares expert tips on using social media to advertise your company. Watch this video to learn what to avoid when advertising over social media, whether to use your personal account or make a separate account to advertise your business and how to gain more followers on your business’ social media accounts.

Creative Advertising Strategies for Businesses

Taylor Prestidge, the CEO of SWAY Advertising Company, shares the importance of having an advertising strategy for your company. Watch this video to discover how to create your strategy.

Turning your Passion into Business

Brian Zheng, the founder of BZ Photography, shared his story on turning his passion for photography into a business. Watch this video to get inspired to turn your passion into a company.

Inspiring Customers with the Story Behind Your Company

Founder Ifabiyi Adaran shares the empowering story of his company Silenced Clothing and what inspired him to start his business. Watch this video to discover how the story behind your business can inspire your target customers.

Branding Tips with Kallsen + Stennett Communications

Branding expert Rebecca Kallsen discusses the importance of building a strong brand and what it means to embody your brand so that you become your company’s own walking billboard, on episode two of Generation Z with Amanda Pope.

‘A Second Chance in Life’: Founder of Studio 12

At age 25, Jacqueline Crossley spent more than 40 days in the ICU at St. Joseph’s Hospital after she was diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation. When Crossley was admitted to the hospital in 2015, doctors discovered a blood clot in her portal vein and the clot had cut off circulation to her small intestine, essentially killing that organ. Crossley underwent emergency surgery to remove it.

After beating the odds of recovery, Crossley believes she has been given a second chance and followed her dreams to open her own dance studio- Studio 12.

Video originally produced by Amanda Pope for Cable 14.